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Hotline 8.00 - 22.00 tlf: 50 52 21 41

Volunteer at Roskilde Festival

Apply here to become a volunteer at Roskilde Festival as part of Standbyholdet.
We help ensure the festival guests have a safe festival experience.

We have our own campsite with hot baths, a lounge and cooking facilities.

Join the best team at Roskilde!

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How to apply:

Create member account

Press Ansøg. (apply).
Press the language switcher if it is in danish.
Read the prerequisites and press ”create account” below.
Klik ”I agree to these terms”.
Enter name, e-mail and password and press ”submit”.

You are now registred and can proceed to log in.

Accept terms and fill out your information

Press Ansøg again.
Scoll down and agree to the terms.

Answer yes or no to whether or not you have worked with us before.

Fill out your information and press “create new member”.

Confirm information and send application

Confirm your phone number and e-mail adress. Both text og e-mail can take a few minutes to arrive, so be patient. When you get the code, type it into field no. 4 and press ok.

Send the application.
After this, you will be asked to confirm sending the application.

Having trouble with your application? Call the hotline: 50 52 21 41

Expirence Roskilde Festival with Standbyholdet

We offer:

  • Volunteer Wristband (standard ticket) to the Roskilde Festival
  • An interesting and unusual working experience.
  • A delicious light meal during your shifts.
  • An awesome festival experience in an orderly fashion.

Base camp 

On top of this, we offer you access to live in our camp during the festival for a small fee.

The camp is located right next to the MC-camp in a fenced and relatively quiet area approximately 500 meters from the festival area.

In the camp you’ll find our base-tent with tables, benches, fridge and microwave where we eat and socialize.

We also provide you access to hot showers in our own facilities.

What do we do?

We function as standby team for the Festival organization (hence the name) and provide personnel for the festival whenever something that wasn’t planned for needs to be done.

Sometimes that gives us plenty of work to do, and on other times we see less action. During these “Standby”-periods  we stay in our tent, socialize, play cards and dice, or whatever springs to mind of a social nature, until the pace picks up again.

We expect our applicants to be mature, stable and with a developed sense of responsibility. As such we have a general age requirement of 18 years of age. For all applicants under 21 we do a personal interview during the application process.

Plase notice that you must attend the mandatory security course before the festival, held by the Roskilde Festival (English sessions are available by request).

Apply and read more about requirements.

Can I influence my work schedule?

If you let us know as early as possible who you’d like to work with, and/or if you have specific days of the week you’d prefer not to be working, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Do you want to be a leader?

We are always looking for qualified people.

If you are interested in taking on more responsibility, you can include that in your application in the appropriate field.

Do you want to be a part of Standbyholdet at Roskilde Festival?

Apply here
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